“ERS is more than just a billing company. ERS commits to having a strong working relationship with office management as well as physicians, ensuring that maintaining the revenue cycle is a team approach. They work very closely with the practice in regards to pre-certification, insurance verification and front desk precollections. ERS also gives valuable feedback that goes above and beyond that of our previous billing company. For example, they give us feedback if our staff has issues with pre-certification of procedures, if one of our physicians needs credentialing work with a specific payor, or any other issues in regards to local coverage determinations and clinical policy bulletins. Lastly, they provide us a meaningful reporting package that gives a full picture of our practice’s current financial state and most importantly a full disclosure of all claims that were not paid at 100% of the payor allowable. Most impressively, ERS performs all of these duties diplomatically and in a manner that does not cause tension between staff and the billing company.”

John Henderson, Practice Administrator, Woodlands-North Houston Heart Center

“We were facing an array of challenges and obstacles to the most critical business piece of our operations. ERS stepped in and immediately understood, stabilized, and optimized our billing and compliance functions. At a time we were facing internal and external challenges, they were able to quickly assimilate what we needed, take ownership of the operations, and deliver exceptional performance.
ERS acted like a partner, not like a vendor. They aligned their interests with ours and guided decisions as if they were ultimately responsible. They are expert, comprehensive, and flexible. I appreciated the way that they acted as an extension of myself and my goals.”

Adam Maurer, Administrator, Northwoods Urology of Texas

“ERS has been exemplary in providing billing services for my cardiology practice. They’re diligent and prompt, bill in a timely fashion, and furthermore track and monitor every claim to completion. Unlike other billing companies, they take pains to research and follow up on each denial. If there are items missing regarding a claim, such as notes, history and physicals, etc., this is brought to my attention. As a result, appropriate information can be submitted to the insurance company in a timely manner so as to ensure payment.
I also like the fact that ERS allows you to establish a strong working relationship with the account representative assigned to your account. In addition, you have the resources and support staff at ERS who work in conjunction with the representative assigned to your account to optimize billing and collections, and as the name/acronym ERS says, enhance revenues. Furthermore, everyone is always accessible and responsive to any questions or concerns that I may have regarding billing. I would highly recommend ERS for medical billing based on my experiences.”

Rajeev Grover, MD, PA, Bay Area Houston Cardiology Associates

“Turn your cost center (in-house billers) into a revenue line item on your balance sheet by using ERS. Simply put, the ERS team doesn’t cost you money, they make you money.”

Blake Whitney, former President of WebMD and currently an Investor, Advisor, Fund Liaison for Hospital & HealthCare